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The work of finishing the garbage disposal project and the early operation of the operation are in an orderly way.


The comprehensive disposal project of the municipal solid waste in the west of the independent metallurgical industrial area of binding county is now turning from the construction period to the operation period, and all work is being carried out in an orderly way.

In 2018, according to the "2018 year management target responsibility book" issued by the group company, the company convened a special topic to organize and discuss the targets of the target responsibility for the decomposition of the target. After the target responsibility decomposition, how to put all the indicators into reality, the indicator responsible people set up practical measures and measures to achieve the end of the task.

At the present stage, the sporadic project is gradually transferred to the preparatory work of the early operation. While the work is promoted, the safety and the spring fire prevention work can not be ignored. At present, the Ministry of engineering has communicated with the design unit and the leachate equipment supplier many times to carry out the pipe caliber cables needed for the docking of the clean water tank and the leachate sewer network; the separation workshop arranged the tail work according to the plan, and took the time to strive for the early test. The responsibility for safety construction should be implemented in all areas and regions. Next, the company will assist the county traffic bureau to repair the 1.7 km garbage dedicated road. It will start construction in the near future, and the construction period will be three months.

With the correct leadership of the county and county governments and the support and assistance of the departments and departments of the county and county governments, the company will conscientiously carry out, organize, scientific and safe construction, and have completed the task targets of the construction period at this stage. It has the conditions of production and operation. Ping Ding garbage treatment Co., Ltd. strives for early disposal of domestic waste, which contributes to the harmless, resourceful and decrement of environmental sanitation in counties.

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