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Ping Zhong Wei water purification Co., Ltd. to carry out power supply and important production equipment spring safety inspection and repair work


According to the request of "the notice on carrying out the spring safety inspection of the power customer use equipment in 2018" according to document [2018]14 of Ping Jing County's Ping Jing letter letter, Ping Wei Wei water purification Co., Ltd. borrows the engine of the 825 line of the sewage plant on March 27th by the power supply Bureau of Ping Ding county. At 9 a.m. on March 27, 2018, the company carried out safety maintenance to the power supply of the sewage plant and the important production equipment in the spring.

In view of the spring inspection, the leaders of the company were scheduled to meet in advance, and the participants exchanged and communicated with them on the matter of spring inspection and safety work. The content of the meeting was summarized as a document, "spring inspection and the arrangement of safety work" and sent to various departments.

The main contents of this work are to replace the wire rod and the lightning arrester on the transformer and to remove the dust in the distribution cabinet. At the same time, the important production equipment of the factory is maintained, such as the replacement of the delimer roll and the replacement of the magnetic levitation air blower.

At the scene of spring inspection work, the company leaders came to command, the security staff supervised the whole process, and the spring Inspectors worked according to the regulations, and all the work was in good order. At 16 p.m., Ping Zhong Wei's spring inspection work was completed safely and successfully, achieving the expected goal.

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