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Shanxi Zhong Wei ring energy group has organized a meeting on reducing efficiency and increasing efficiency of heating system.


In March 22nd, the exchange meeting on reducing the efficiency of heating system organized by the business management and Technology Department of the group company was held in the conference room of the group headquarters. Tang Yongjiu, general manager of Heilongjiang rehui ring energy technology development Co., Ltd., general manager of Shuangcheng Guodian fever deputy general manager Lin Xiang country and the general manager of Shandong Cheng Sen science and Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this meeting. Zong Sheng, Yan Zhigang, general manager of Shanxi Zhong Wei ring energy group, attended the meeting and made a statement.

In the morning, the tour group went to Shanxi Zhong Wei thermal Co., Ltd. to carry out the observation and research. Tian Jianzhong, Vice Minister of management technology Zhang Jianbo, and Liu Haigui, the general manager of Tunliu thermal Co., Ltd., were in charge of the tour.

After the end of the investigation, the delegation of the delegation returned to headquarters at 16:30 and held an exchange meeting in the group meeting room. Tian Jianzhong, a consultant of the group company, presided over the meeting, and Zheng Huiqing, an engineer of Shandong Cheng Sen science and Technology Co., Ltd., explained the heating technology at the meeting. This synergy program has been made a professional review.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the group company, Zheng Zongsheng and general manager Yan Zhigang, made important comments and made a full affirmation of the exchange meeting. This exchange was of great significance. It not only provided effective solutions and solutions for the current technical problems of heating in the group, but also made the future for the group in technical aspects. The exhibition laid a solid foundation.

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