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The company was established in August 21, 2008, with a registered capital of 16 million 200 thousand yuan, covering an area of 57 mu. In the same period, the government signed a trusteeship operation agreement and a sewage resource agreement with the people's Government of Ping Ding county. It is responsible for the construction and operation of the sewage disposal project of the county sewage treatment plant. It is the full capital of Shanxi Zhong Wei ring energy group. The main business includes: sewage treatment, reclaimed water production and sales. The company adopts the processing technology of A2O + coagulating sedimentation + fiber filter filter and the design of daily processing capacity of 30 thousand tons. It is mainly responsible for the treatment of municipal sewage in Ping Ding county and the production and supply of reclaimed water in the downstream enterprises.

After the establishment of the company, the production operation was normal, the water quality reached the first class A standard of the comprehensive discharge standard of urban sewage, and completed the discharge reduction task of the municipal environmental protection department over the years, and was commended by the higher authorities. After several years of development, the strength of the water purification Co., Ltd. of Ping Wei Wei Wei has been gradually strengthened. The investment and construction work of the water reuse project in the sewage plant, the reclaimed water project in the flat sewage plant and the renovation project of the sewage treatment plant are completed, and the comprehensive treatment of the water supply network of the Nanchuan river is also being invested.

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