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  • >>Group (Investment Department - Investment Manager)

    Job requirements:

    1. Post duties:

    1. Responsible for guiding, directing, coordinating and supervising the work within the scope of responsibilities of the Department.

    2. Formulate investment plans and action plans for the development of investment projects, and provide references for the company's superiors.

    3, carry on the project value analysis, according to the company's request to the investment project, assist the superior leader to carry on the Target Corp screening, carries on the market development;

    4. Participate in investment negotiations, establish and maintain good business relations with partners, relevant departments and potential customers.

    5. Responsible, organize and coordinate the successful signing of investment cooperation projects.

    6, coordinate the liaison and negotiation of foreign investment cooperation;

    7, organize the investment management system of the company;

    8. Complete other tasks assigned by the company's superiors.

    2. Recruitment requirements:

    1. age 30-45 years old, bachelor degree or above in finance, economics and other related majors.

    2. More than 5 years relevant working experience; CPA certificate is preferred.

    3. With financial knowledge and experience, be able to conduct financial evaluation, performance analysis and industry analysis.

    4, understand the relevant laws and regulations and policies;

    5. Investment knowledge and experience, knowledge of project investment management and project management, familiarity with investment process and investment orientation.

    6, have good negotiation ability.

    7, proficient in driving, can adapt to business.

  • >>Group company (Finance Department - Finance Manager)

    Job requirements:

    1. Post duties:

    1, help the financial controller to establish and improve the enterprise financial management system, to control the daily management of the financial department, the financial budget, the operation of funds and so on, and improve the level of the financial management of the enterprise.

    2, bank payment recheck;

    3. Audit the accounting voucher and report forms of group company and AO Ding company.

    4. According to the enterprise related system, organize various departments and subsidiary companies to compile financial budgets and summarize them, report the audit to the chief financial officer and general manager, organize and execute after examination and approval, and supervise and inspect the implementation of the budgets of various departments and subsidiary companies.

    5. Organize accountants to conduct accounting and accounting work, compile consolidated financial reports and report them in time.

    6, responsible for organizing the cost management of enterprises, carrying out cost prediction, control, accounting, analysis and assessment;

    7. Timely report on the business situation, financial revenue and expenditure and the specific implementation of various financial plans, provide financial analysis and forecast report for the enterprise decision level, and put forward the supportive suggestions.

    8, audit group company and AO Ding company's reimbursement list and payment form.

    2. Recruitment requirements:

    1. Full time junior college degree or above, accounting or related majors.

    2, skilled operating friends financial software;

    3. Use the office software skillfully;

    4, honesty and trustworthiness, serious work;

    5 or five years of relevant post work experience;

    6, age 30, less than 50.

  • >>Group company (Management Technology Department - Technical Engineer)

    Job requirements:

    1. Post duties:

    1, supervise the production and operation indicators of each subsidiary reasonably and assist the management of material and energy consumption cost in each production process.

    2, responsible for technological progress, organize the implementation of new technology, new technology, new equipment, new materials introduction, experiment and application;

    3. Assist the investment department in organizing the review of the project technical plan.

    4, cooperate with the construction management department to do a good job in the preliminary stage of project construction (from approval to design).

    5, responsible for coordinating the company's technical exchanges and assisting the relevant departments in carrying out technical training and technological innovation.

    6. Other matters of the leadership.

    2. Recruitment requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, electrical, HVAC, water supply and drainage, installation and other related majors;

    2. More than 5 years working experience in water supply and drainage design, HVAC and building electrical design for Real Estate Company or design institute.

    3. Proficient in CAD drawing, with the ability to review professional drawings, and have relevant working experience in the design, installation and operation of HVAC system in construction projects, and be familiar with the relevant standards and standards of the state and local areas.

    4. Solid engineering site management experience and good quality awareness, cost awareness and progress control capability;

    5, hold the priority of the intermediate or above .

  • >> Group company (Department of construction management - Chief Engineer)

    Job requirements:

    1. Post duties:

    1, under the leadership of the minister, responsible for production and operation, quality and safety, material and equipment work;

    2, to assist the minister in establishing the company's quality assurance system, safety production system, and environmental health guarantee system.

    3, the organization should work out the goals that the unit project should achieve, formulate and implement corrective and preventive measures to ensure the realization of quality ives. Participate in and check the quality control measures of each project unit.

    4, audit and approve the technical documents of the company's environmental protection, construction personnel's health and safety construction, and supervise its implementation.

    5. Support and audit bidding documents and contract management.

    6. Carry out technical post training and assessment for all kinds of engineering and technical personnel.

    7, audit the company's technical quality, production and business development plan, assist the minister in formulating and implementing the annual work goal.

    8, complete other tasks assigned by the company's leading ministers.

    2. Recruitment requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, water conservancy, civil engineering, engineering management and other related majors, age less than 35 years old;

    2. More than 5 years working experience in real estate or water enterprises, and has worked for 5 years or above.

    3. Strong sense of responsibility and project management coordination and execution, and can accept the company's expatriates.

    4. With good professionalism and teamwork spirit, it can undertake project management independently.

  • >> Zhong Wei heat (Finance Department - Financial Manager) in Xiu Wu County

    Job requirements:

    1. Post duties:

    1, implement the accounting principles and various financial systems formulated by the Finance Department of the head office.

    2. Responsible for formulating the control ives and budgeting and verification and reporting of all levels and expenses of the company.

    3. Responsible for the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the company's budgets at all levels and budgets.

    4. Responsible for the docking and public relations work of the banking business;

    5, responsible for the company's tax planning, pay attention to the trend of national tax reform, formulate targeted coping strategies, and organize tax public relations work;

    6. under the guidance of the basic accounting work management system of the Finance Department of the head office, we are responsible for building and improving the management system of our accounting basic work.

    2. Recruitment requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance, finance or finance.

    2 or 5 years experience in financial management of enterprises.

    3. Be familiar with finance, accounting and finance knowledge, be familiar with the relevant laws and regulations and financial internal control system, and be familiar with the use of financial software.

    4. Strong cost management, risk control and financial analysis capability.

    5, mature and rigorous, rigorous and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of secrecy, loyal to professional ethics.

    6. Good communication skills, teamwork spirit and strong pressure resistance.

    3. Welfare benefits during the period of service

    1, pay five risks;

    2, wages according to personal qualifications, professional s and years of work in accordance with our salary system.

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