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Xiu Wu Zhong Wei thermal new staff induction training work has been successfully completed.


Recently, Wuwei thermal Co., Ltd. organized a pre job training for new employees. The training was chaired by Jin Chao, Vice Minister of operation Department of Zhong Wei thermal Co., Ltd. in Xiu Wu County. The training company attaches great importance to the meticulous organization and reasonable arrangement of various departments, and the departments responsible for the selection of experienced departments have taught the new employees the management of the company system, the core values of the enterprises, the spirit of enterprise, the concept of enterprise management, the management of engineering technology, the safety management of the construction and production, the management of the construction and production of the project, and the management of the construction and production of the project. Career development and five risks business knowledge and related policies. Through training, new employees have further understanding of the internal management and development of the company, and have also realized the transformation of their ideas. In the course of the training, the company also arranges the new employees to watch the corporate publicity films of the group company, and strengthens the sense of identity and the sense of belonging of the new employees to the corporate culture of the company.

Liu Shuqin, executive vice president of the company, also took time out of his busy schedule to come to the training field to discuss with the new employees. Liu first expressed his warm welcome to the new staff on behalf of the company, and introduced the hardships and brilliant achievements of the company. He pointed out that the achievements of Zhong Wei's thermal power were obvious to all, and it was the result of the joint efforts of all the workers. The long-term development of enterprises depends on the continuous supply of fresh blood. He combined his own experience with the new employees to exchange ideas, encourage people to work in the most difficult jobs, in the first post in life, meditation, to accumulate the wealth of their own life. He hopes that the new employees will be able to enter the role as soon as possible, to correct the position, to do well in the reserves of professional knowledge and work ability, and to be proud of the enterprise, and to contribute to the thermal development of the middle and the Wei. Then Jin Chao, Vice Minister of operation, is talking with new employees from three aspects of personal planning, goal setting and target implementation. He hopes that new employees will work hard to improve their learning ability, coordination and work ability in the future work, adapt to the working environment, enter the work role, display the work ability, and send new words to the new staff. The staff will open up a new world to the first line and become an early success.

In the future work, the new employees will follow the spirit of "honesty, dedication, unity and efficiency", remember responsibility, unite and cooperate, and contribute their wisdom and strength to achieve the goal of the company.

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