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Fire safety alarm bell


In order to conscientiously carry out the spirit of the [2018]3 document of the group company in Jinzhong, we always adhere to the safety policy of "safety first, prevention mainly, comprehensive governance", and China Wei Wei thermal Co., Ltd. has recently carried out large inspection activities for safety and fire protection. In this event, the company first repaired the damaged safety marks, and at the same time retrained the use of fire extinguishers and the knowledge of fire safety. By carrying out the fire fighting activities, the loopholes in the fire safety are found in time, the hidden dangers are stopped in time, the safety awareness and operation skills of the employees are further improved, and the safety production knowledge required for the work of the employees is ensured, and the rules and regulations of safety birth and the safety operation regulations are skillfully grasps. To prevent accidents, ensure safety in production, improve work efficiency, and comprehensively enhance the overall quality of employees.

Liu Shuqin, the executive vice president of the company, also made a summary review of this activity. He pointed out that the company should regularly organize relevant personnel to carry out safety fire inspection activities, and closely check the security risks, and earnestly strengthen the consciousness of "safety is happiness", "safety is responsibility", "safety is ability", and increase safety production. The strength of law enforcement inspection will promote solid and effective production safety work, and more effectively promote the implementation of safety production in enterprises.

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