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Congratulations to Shanxi Zhong Wei Thermal Power Co., Ltd. for winning the of "advanced unit".


In March 12, 2018, Shanxi Zhong Wei Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "advanced unit" in 2017 by the housing bureau of Tunliu county. This is the first honor obtained by the Shanxi Wei Wei thermal power in 2018. It has made a good start for the new year's work. It is also an affirmation and encouragement to the staff and staff of the middle and Wei.

Looking back in 2017, Shanxi Zhong Wei thermal Co., Ltd. actively carries out the work of the old pipe network transformation and the two phase of central heating. Under the present situation of heavy task, few manpower, and the delay of providing the heat source in the heat source plant, the company works day and night in the front line, actively tries to find a way out, and overcomes many difficulties and guarantees the various workers. As a result, the heating demand of 1 million 960 thousand square meters was met with the design scale of 1 million 500 thousand square meters. The heat demand of local residents was guaranteed to the maximum degree, and the heating task was successfully completed in 2017.

In the future work, Shanxi Zhong Wei thermal Co., Ltd. will be under the leadership of Ren Yuan group and Zhong Wei ring group two group company, and make persistent efforts and make persistent efforts to make new and greater contributions to the development of the group.

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